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  • Professionally Designed Programs
  • Meet your personalized goals
  • Account for muscle balance and proper movement patterns to reduce injury risk.
  • Programming specific to your fitness level and specific needs.

  • Monthly Progression & Periodization
  • Periodization to ensure maximum results and reduces over-training.
  • No Plateaus.

  • Progress Tracking
  • Goal specific assessments.
  •  Quantify results.
  • Professional Guidance
  • Personal Attention
  • Motivation.

OUR MISSION is to provide the highest possible quality training experience, adapting to your specific goals.  We don’t just show you exercises, but teach you HOW to exercise. Our programs are based in science, delivered with professionalism and guarantee results!

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  • Sport Specific Training: Speed, Endurance, Agility, Power!! Perform better at your specific sport or occupation with programming specific to your interests.

  • General Fitness: Tone up, gain strength, move better, feel better! Get in shape and get back to doing what you want to do or what you’ve always dreamed of.

  • Weight Loss: Reduce body fat, improve health, feel better!  Get sound exercise and nutrition guidance to improve body composition.

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  • Injury Prevention: Avoid joint, bone or muscle damage brought on by bad form, imbalanced programs or over-training.

  • Fitness while Injured: Stay in shape while injured with programs designed around your special needs.  We work closely with medical professionals to ensure safety.

  • Post-Rehab: Make progress recovering from a past injury or impairment.  Sometimes medical intervention has only brought you so far, we can help get you the rest of the way.

One on One Training

                1 session………...$65/hr.

             4 sessions……….$200 ($50/hr.)


  • Home Workout Plans
  • Meet with a trainer periodically
  • Have a program specifically designed to do at home or on the road
  • Self-Motivated Plans
  • Meet for 4 sessions every 6-8 weeks with your trainer
  • Reassess fitness and goals
  • Receive updated plans to progress and avoid the plateau
  • Supervised Workout Plans
  • Multiple workouts a week with your trainer
  • Optimal Motivation
  • Maximal Attention
  • Maximal Guidance

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FREE 60 min. Training Session

  • Help with some exercise ideas?  
  • Stuck in a progress plateau?
  • Or Just want something different?

We offer a free personal training session to all customers.  If you don’t feel confident and comfortable with your trainer in the first 60 minutes, your not obligated to do more, No strings attached!

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Personal Training

Maximal Personalization!

Partner Training

                1 session………...$80/hr.

             4 sessions…..…..$260 ($65/hr.)