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Fort Collins Float and Sauna Therapy

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Sauna Benefits

Spending time in a sauna has been shown to provide several health benefits. When our bodies are exposed to extreme heat, we experience heat stress. This is very similar to our bodies experiencing physical stress through exercise.

Much like cardiovascular activities, heat stress causes your heart to beat more rapidly, sometimes getting as fast as 150 beats-per-minute. The are many health benefits related to increased heart rate, including a healthier heart and better blood flow.

Heat stress also activates heat shock proteins in our bodies. Heat shock proteins prevent specific types of damage from occurring in our cells, and remain in our bodies much longer than the duration of the sauna. Studies have shown that spending time in a sauna can help reduce muscle atrophy and even increase longevity (make you live longer).


Infrared Sauna

40 minute sessions

New Client: $30

Introductory 3 Pack: $75


(Shareable, expire 1 year from purchase)

5 Pack: $100

10 Pack: $175

30 Days, 30 Saunas (not shareable): $300

Float Tank

60 minute float

Single: $49

3 Pack (shareable): $120

90 minute float

Single: $69

3 Pack (shareable): $150

8 Floats/month (shareable): $320

52 Floats/year (shareable): $1500

Sweat then Float - 40 minute sauna, 60 minute float: $69

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For more information or to schedule an appointment, Call (970) 225-2999 


What is a Float Tank?

A float tank (also known as an isolation tank or sensory deprivation tank) is essentially high tech, enclosed bath tub. Air flows freely in and out of the tank, and the door cannot be latched or locked.

The tank is filled with a salt-water solution with a higher density of salt than the Dead Sea. The resulting buoyancy allows you to float on your back while being completely relaxed. The water is only 10 inches deep, and is kept at 95 degrees Celsius (the average human skin temperature). 

Once the tank door is closed and inner light turned off, all sound and light are eliminated from your world. Floating in the warm solution creates a feeling of weightlessness and allows you to lose track of your body.

No touch. No light. No sound. No gravity. 

Floating Benefits

The whole idea behind floating is to create sensory deprivation and isolation, allowing the mind (in many instances) to automatically enter a meditative state.

Our minds are constantly analyzing sensory input and collecting new information throughout our whole day. Now more than ever, we are constantly distracted and seeking entertainment, jumping from one thing to the next without pause for rest or recovery.

Eliminating all of the new information and sensory input physically lowers the level of cortisol (the main chemical component of stress) and allows our mind to focus on healing and restoration.

The effective elimination of gravity relieves our muscles and joints of the constant effort it takes to resist gravity. Unlike lying on a mattress, floating allows blood to flow freely through your body, eliminating any need to readjust position.

For more information on floating, visit the Float Tank Association's website: 

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